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If there is something which perfectly mirrors the environment of Formentera, it is motorbikes. Wherever you go you will find people travelling from one side of the island to the other with this form of transport. It is a favourite among residents and visitors for three simple reasons: it is practical, cheap and provides independence. Motorbikes are practical because you can go wherever you wish in a matter of minutes; they are cheap because they consume much less fuel than a car or other type of vehicle; and they provide freedom which the restriction of public transport timetables take away.

If this were not enough, one of the most typical advantages of motorbikes, the cold, is unimaginable in Formentera, as its mild climate and 2,800 hours of sun each year allow you to drive on two wheels in any month.

La Savina Rent a Car, your trustworthy motorbike hire company

At La Savina Rent a Car we have spent 20 years doing what we know best: offering a large fleet of hire vehicles in Ibiza and Formentera. We have numerous offices spread across the two islands so that you can choose the one where you wish to collect and return the vehicle that you have hired, and find out about rates, offers and tourism in the area. Our personnel speak several languages and will offer you pleasant, personalised service.

Within our fleet you will be able to choose between vehicles (utility vehicles, vans, minivans, convertibles, all-terrain vehicles, automatic cars, etc.), motorbikes, bicycles and quadbikes. The prices of all vehicles include the rate of the vehicle, insurance with excess, unlimited mileage, VAT (21%) and helmet (in the case of choosing a bicycle, motorbike or quadbike). We subject all vehicles to full, regular quality and safety checks, as surprises are only good if they are pleasant.

If you choose a motorbike you will be able to select between several models, with brands such as Aprilia, Piaggio and Sym. It all depends on the power of motorbike you are looking for, the type of transmission (automatic or manual) and the price you are willing to pay. In all models you will be able to carry an additional passenger to accompany you in your experiences on the island and let yourselves be caressed by the smooth breeze of this paradise while you travel from one side to the other.

Formentera, a paradise to discover

One of the greatest assets of Formentera is its inaccessibility. This has guaranteed the preservation of its environment as well as the absence of overcrowding, giving the island a special charm which allows tourists to find something different in this small Mediterranean paradise.

The only point of entry and exit for passengers and goods in Formentera is the La Savina port, a space which fishermen, yacht clubs, hotels, businesses, restaurants and also us, La Savina Rent a Car, cohabit.

Now that you know what we offer, how we offer it, and where we offer it, what are you waiting for to enjoy it? Rent your motorbike with us now and discover Formentera on two wheels.