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If you wish to enjoy everything that Formentera has the offer, the best thing you can do is hire a scooter. It is the most practical, fastest and most economical form of transport and will allow you to discover every last corner of this beautiful paradise of the Balearic archipelago. You will no longer have to phone a taxi (and wait for it) or depend on the strict timetables of buses. In addition to practical issues, there are also emotional ones: the scooter allows you to connect with the spirit of Formentera and travel the (short) distances of this island while being caressed by the smooth breeze and aroma of its coasts, pine forests and savin junipers.

Within the variety of models of motorbikes, the scooter is definitely the most intelligent option. It is easier to drive and cheaper to maintain, more agile, lighter and more comfortable for you and your passengers, has a greater load capacity and can be parked anywhere – all advantages! Not to mention that they are very acceptable and in-keeping with the environment of the island. Wherever you go, you will find a scooter.

La Savina Rent a Car, your trustworthy scooter hire company

For over two decades, Ibiza and Formentera have enjoyed a greater flow of tourists thanks to our work at La Savina Rent a Car. We are a vehicle hire company with numerous offices spread over both islands, working to offer visitors an efficient and economical transport options in these incredible holiday destinations.

Our large fleet is made up of vehicles (utility vehicles, family vehicles, convertibles, all-terrain vehicles, automatic cars, vans, etc.), scooters, bicycles and quadbikes with very varied models. Our options adjust to all preferences, needs and budgets, because no one knows better than you what you are looking for and what you are prepared to spend.

All vehicles are subjected to exhaustive quality and safety checks to guarantee that everything is ready when you collect your vehicle. There are no surprises or setbacks. Our prices include the rate of the vehicle, insurance with excess, unlimited mileage, VAT (21%) and, in the case of scooters, bicycles and quadbikes, helmet.

Formentera, a captivating island to discover

One of the charms of Formentera is that it is difficult to access. This condition in itself makes it exclusive and has ensured a greater protection of its natural spaces, preserving it from overcrowding and uncontrolled development. Formentera can only by accessed by boat from Ibiza (ferries leave from areas such as Santa Eulalia and Playa d’en Bossa) and from Denia during certain months of the year.

The La Savina port will be the first place you will set foot when arriving on Formentera, and the last when leaving. It is the only point of entry and exit on the island for passengers and goods and is also the place where you will find one of our offices. From here you will be able to begin your route through the beaches and coves, the La Mola lighthouse and Las Salinas Natural Park, etc., all on your scooter. Hire it now and discover all of the hidden marvels of the most beautiful and captivating of the Balearic Islands, Formentera!